Gregory G. Martz  (Gig)
Gregory G. Martz (Gig)

Just another concerned individual who is trying to save the world.   One link to the truth at a time.  So please check out Recent and the RSS feeds for up to date info from trusted links and sources for the truth.  Because you can never get enough truth, and  you wouldn’t like it the other way.

Thank You to all the individuals that share their knowledge as to what is really going on in this world we live in.  We live in trying times and my hope is if more people know the what, why, and how’s of the political, Geo-political, world news, and the events that have shaped the world we see before us real or propagandized by the media.  Then we can all make more informed decision’s.  I hope that as you dig deep into all the archives of the individuals, and links I am sharing, you will find a new found knowledge, that you will want to share.  Peace..

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    • Good News This Week! August 13, 2018
      It's summer! Let's turn off the 24/7 doomporn newsfeed and tune in to some good news for a change. From game-changing legal decisions to the turn away from zombie tech, here's all the news that's actually fit to print.
    • The Secret Battle for Africa August 12, 2018
    • Problem Reaction Solution: Internet Censorship Edition August 11, 2018
      Don't be an idiot! The government is NOT going to be the neutral arbiters of the internet and the big tech companies are NOT monopolies unless YOU forfeit your responsibility and use their controlled platforms. The answers to the social media crackdown are already here and it is your choice whether the alternatives that already […]
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    • The American destiny August 14, 2018
      The American destiny The creative force at the dawn of a new future by Jon Rappoport August 14, 2018 (To join our email list, click here.) Whenever a breakthrough occurs for the individual, there is a stepping back, a retrenching, a delay, an attempt to reset the clock and push the breakthrough away. This delay […]
      Jon Rappoport
    • America on trial August 13, 2018
      by Jon Rappoport August 13, 2018 (To join our email list, click here.) These words—Socialism and Globalism—are a mystery to most people. What do they mean? Why do they matter? They matter because, behind the mask, they indicate massive centralized power at the top of the food chain. They aren’t “movements on behalf of the […]
      Jon Rappoport
    • Monsanto loses lawsuit and $289 million August 13, 2018
      by Jon Rappoport August 13, 2018 (To join our email list, click here.) A lot of people were waiting for this day. It finally arrived. Reuters: “…a California jury ordered [Monsanto]…to pay $289 million for not warning of cancer risks posed by its main weed killer [Roundup].” “The case of school groundskeeper Dewayne Johnson, filed […]
      Jon Rappoport
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    • Porkins Policy Radio episode 154 The end of Alex Jones with Robbie Martin and Jon Gold August 8, 2018
      This week I discussed the recent banning of Alex Jones on several tech platforms from two different perspectives. In the first hour Robbie Martin joined me to discuss the negative aspects of this. We talked about the dangers of censorship and what this may mean for the future of alternative media. Then we addressed the […]
    • Porkins Great Game episode 18 Grey Wolves, Marxist Sex Cults, and NATO August 6, 2018
      Christoph and I are back!  After a long hiatus we have returned with a jam packed episode.  In the first segment we discuss the bizarre “bomb plot” to attack the recent MEK Summit in Paris.  Then we explore the allegations that this was orchestrated by the Iranian government and the bogus claims by the West […]
    • Porkins Policy Radio episode 153 Pakistan elections and James Wolfe, Ali Watkins Scandal with Kevin Gosztola August 1, 2018
      In the first hour I go solo and talk about the recent elections in Pakistan and Imran Khan’s rise to power. I talk about Khan’s political party and how they they were able to take 116 seats in Parliament and elevate Khan to Prime Minister. I discuss Khan’s colorful life as well. I also discuss […]
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