Gregory G. Martz  (Gig)
Gregory G. Martz (Gig)

Just another concerned individual who is trying to save the world.   One link to the truth at a time.  So please check out Recent and the RSS feeds for up to date info from trusted links and sources for the truth.  Because you can never get enough truth, and  you wouldn’t like it the other way.

Thank You to all the individuals that share their knowledge as to what is really going on in this world we live in.  We live in trying times and my hope is if more people know the what, why, and how’s of the political, Geo-political, world news, and the events that have shaped the world we see before us real or propagandized by the media.  Then we can all make more informed decision’s.  I hope that as you dig deep into all the archives of the individuals, and links I am sharing, you will find a new found knowledge, that you will want to share.  Peace..

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