Obama and the lies leading to war

Tonight I heard President Obama state that he knows definitely that Assad regime used the chemical weapons on his own people and went on to give heart throbbing detail using children as a visual noting them gasping for breath.  He went on to say that the regime has to be held accountable and prosecuted.  I agree that whoever used these weapons should be held accountable.

So if we find that the rebels supported by and trained and funded by the US,  the president and secretary of state should be prosecuted for these war crimes if the rebels are to blame for the attack. This is the very same kind of story that the Bush regime and Colin Powell sold to the American public that led us into Iraq. Assad had nothing to gain by this attack, but the Al-Qaeda rebels did by bringing the US involvement.  So if you have the proof president Obama then show the American people. I am sick of the lies..
False Flag

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